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Behavioral Change for Better Women’s Health with Dr. Caelin White

Episode Notes

Is the time of a cancer diagnosis, when health becomes the focus  of daily life,  the best time to introduce healthy lifestyle interventions? 

My guest is Dr. Caelin White a registered clinical and sports psychologist based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He provides tailored interventions for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, trauma, and emotional regulation, as well as performance difficulties, such as focus, motivation, perfectionism, managing performance expectations, distress tolerance, goal setting, and time management. 

He competed in the World's Toughest Mudder   https://youtu.be/IQ2uJCkjiBc -  when a 26.2-mile marathon is not enough- a 24-hour ultra-endurance race over a 10-mile looped obstacle course to raise awareness of the barriers to receiving mental health care. 

The US preventive service task force estimates that health behaviors have the greatest impact on our health- more so than clinical care, genetics & biology, or the physical environment. 

Listen as Dr. White shares his insights on how we as physicians may better support our patients to achieve better health with lifestyle changes.